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Jin-Ho Lee

Director of the Museum, Jin-Ho Lee

Previous Name :  Yong-Ho Lee

Pen Name : Sannong (ߥ), Hakchon ()

Born in 1932, Hakeui-dong, Euiwang-si,
Kyeongki-do, Korea


Academic Career

Mosan Seodang ('38)

Seonghyeon Seodang ('39)

Kocheon Elementary School ('45)

Suwon Agriculture and Forestry Middle School
for 6 years ('51)

Forestry Dept., Agricultural College, Seoul National
University ('57)


Work History  

Civil service in charge of forestry ('59~'63)

Civil service in charge of cadastre ('63~'69)

Employed in expressway sphere survey and city settlement survey  ('69~'78)

Employed in survey as a liaison manager of Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation (KCSC) ('69~'83)

Retired in full age ('93) from professor of in-service training institute of KCSC ('83~'93)

Elder in Anyang Choongang Methodist Church ('70~'99)

Elder in Yanghwa Methodist Church (Present)



Cadastral law.cadastral study, Shingu College ('88~ )

Cadstral history, in-service training institute of KCSC ('93~ )

Cadstral history, Taegu Science College ('94~'97)

Cadstral history, Shinheung College ('95~'97)

Cadstral study, Inha University (1999)



Director of The Korean Society of Cadastre  

Researcher of Kijeon Local Culture Institute ('88~'93)

Auditor of Korea Methodist Church History Institute (1986~ )

Tac-Sa Reserch Institute(2000~)



1st grade of land survey ('63)

1st grade of cadastre ('66)



Special selection of the memoir in Maeil New spaper ('61)

Essay appeared in Munyesajo (Literary Movement & Trend) ('93)

Kyeongkido culture prize in academic field ('92)



<˿ϼ ( ;Real Estate Agent Study)> ('79)

<Gutzlaff and Kodaedo>('88)

<Memoir of a Suveyor>('88)

< and ( ;Cadastre and Survey History of Korea Empire)>('89)

<Seoul Cadastre 򼡯 ( ;Cadastre & Local History journal)>(Joint work, '94)

<Centennial History of Anyang Area Methodist Church>('95)

<Centennial History of Korean Bible> History Volume, Data Volume ('96)

Chirstian Culture Relics of Korea (Joint work, '97)

Doseocholpan Woomool Publication

<( ;SungHyun Chosun school history) >('98) <Korean Cadastre History> ('99) Out of print  

<Triangular Surveying Work Result Report/Translation> (2001) <Series of Biographies for Cadastral Person> (2001)

<Summary of Land Survey  (2001)>  

<60-Year History of Cadastral Technology Research Institute> (2001)  

<( ;Graveyards Sketchbook) > (2001)  

<30-Year History of Yanghwa Church> (2001)  

<Centennial History of Moojinae Church>(2001)  

 Christianity, transportation/comunication and cadastre edition of 16 cities/local histories have been written together with above 800 writings of thesis, essay, report of inquiry and etc. Post Price is not in book price.

At present, he has established The Museum of Cadastre & Local History in Yanghwa-lee, Keumseong-myeon, Jecheon-si, Choongbook, Korea and inaugurated as the director there.

Doseochoolpan Woomool, publishing company, has been esdtablished and inaugurated as the representative.


Jun. 1, 1999 : To lease closed Yanghwa Elementary School and to prepare the opening of the Museum (For 4 months)

Oct. 16, 1999 : Opening ceremony of the Museum

Dec. 28, 1999 : Registered as No. 145 Cadastre Data Hall to Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT)

2001 : Opening of the planning exhibition and seminar with cultural promotion fund, and issue of (;Graveyards sketchbook)2004 : Opening of special exhibition and seminar for cadastre notes as lottery fund support business of MCT, and issue of (;Cadastre library Catalog or publication list)

2005 : Construction of special exhibition/seminar/cyber cadastre museum for survey device as lottery fund support business of MCT


Purpose and Status of the Establishment  

To contribute to academic research and education through permanent/special exhibition and custody of the data in four fields such as cadastre, local history, centennial history, Christianity field (bible, church of foundation history) and etc.



Director Jin-ho Lee

Staff  Hyeon-sook Lee (Curator)

Land : Land Category, 7 Pil 7,391m2 (2,235Pyung)  

Exhibition Hall (Three Halls) 336.51m2, Audi-Visual Room (One Room) 112.17m2,  Storage Room (One Room) 112.17m2, Reaearch Room (One Room) 112.17m2

Total : 909m2